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GFRP (large slide with water park equipment)

FRP, also known as GFRP, is a fibre-reinforced plastic, typically made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins. Reinforced plastics, called fiberglass reinforced plastics, or GFRP, as a reinforcement of glass or its products, is different from tempered glass.

GFRP is a composite material which is reinforced by glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, blanket, yarn, etc.) and is made of synthetic resin. Fiber reinforced composite material is composed of reinforcing fiber and matrix. The diameter of the fiber (or whisker) is very small, generally below 10 m, with fewer defects and smaller, and the fracture strain is less than 30 thousandths, which is brittle material, liable to damage, fracture and corrosion. The matrix is much lower in strength and modulus than the fiber, but it can withstand large strain. It is usually viscoelastic and elastoplastic and is a ductile material.


Product Description

Yuehai Water Park-Deyang-China:

Yuehai water Park is located at the intersection of Yushan Street and Yongding River Road in Deyang Jinyang District industrial zone, close to Wanda Ke Chuang Park), geographical location adjacent to the Deyang area, 32 road and 12 bus Direct Project address, in the gold and Baidu map input "Yuehai Paradise" can be accurately positioned, is adjacent to the Deyang City, the largest closet water play resort. The water park occupies an area of 30,000 square meters, can accommodate more than 2500 people at the same time, and is the largest water park in Deyang.

Yuehai Paradise havr wave pool, rainbow slides, high-speed slides, bubble pool, children water house, standard swimming pool, leisure pool, beach volleyball and other exciting water projects.

Since opened from June 28, 2017, the field became the most popular area in Deyang soon. Using low tickts price strategy, Yuehai Paradise maximized the tour flow. With more than 1800 visitors per day, only the food and other incidental consumptions could give the park good profits. 

Second phase of the project are in process.

Company:Guangzhou Haozhiquan Water Park Equipment Co.,Ltd