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What should the water park equipment company check about the equipment in the water park?

The water park equipment refers to all the equipment that can be enjoyed on the water. It has a wide range of products and many products. Nowadays, the new products and new patterns launched by the water park equipment company are endless. However, as a water park manager, the park should be regularly organized to conduct safety inspections and maintenance before the year, season, month, holiday and peak season. So what should the equipment in the water park check?


Product Description

First、Check the appearance of water slides and water treatment equipment

When the water park equipment company inspects the water amusement equipment such as water slides, it is necessary to see whether there are exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and water leakage on the equipment. If there is a crack, the slide groove section should be repaired and replaced if necessary. It should be handled in time when it is not smooth, inverted, or leaking. Also check whether the water treatment equipment is operating normally, and ensure the water supply of the lubricating water and the slide pool. In addition, if the pool surface is found to be cracked, missing, and falling off, it is necessary to repair it in time.

Second, check the connection and load-bearing components

The water park equipment company shall inspect the connecting parts and load-bearing members of the water amusement equipment, and tighten the loose connecting parts regularly. The load-bearing members should be inspected carefully. If the structure is found to have cracks and bending deformation, etc. Replace it in time.

Third, check underwater lighting equipment

Some water park amusement equipments need to use underwater lighting equipment. For lighting equipment, water park equipment companies must regularly check to ensure the integrity, sealing and insulation of the lamps. These performance indicators need to meet the requirements.

Fourth, check the surface paint layer of the metal frame

When the water park equipment company conducts inspections, the metal frame surface paint layer of the water park amusement equipment should also be inspected to see if it falls off and fade. If it is peeled or peeled off, it should be touch-painted to prevent corrosion of the metal surface, affecting the appearance and strength. .

The above is the place where the water park equipment company should regularly check the water park amusement equipment. Although some good water park equipment companies can provide qualified water amusement equipment, in the long-term use, these equipments should always maintain excellent performance. And the appearance, the management of the water park must be regularly organized for inspection and maintenance.