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Water Slide

Water Slide


Product Description

Water Slide

  • Colorful, do not fade, high strength, anti-static, wear, light, anti-aging, anti-cracking.

  • Reference to Europe and the United States popular style, combined with the characteristics of the domestic market, clever will run, drill,

    climb, climb, slide, roll, roll and other functional action dissolved in children's play, both exercise the children's balance, independence

  • Coordination and creativity, but also conducive to children's self-protection awareness.

  • Suitable for lively occasions (parks, communities, supermarkets, kindergartens, etc.). The structure of the recreational facilities is safe

    and durable, its clever design, color harmony, the clever combination of various parts of plastic, can give children a safe, happy and lively feeling.

  • According to the actual size of the site, the design of different styles of recreational facilities

  • Suitable for playing with all ages of tourists