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Loop Slide(HZQ-056)

The slide is completely closed, with the use of transparent fiberglass material Under the action of gravity, the tourists slide down on high speed from the platform to the lowest point, then rush to the highest point in the slide under the action of inertia then slowdown until drop into the pool finally.


Product Description

Building a profitable water park for you

The large ring slide is made of translucent fiberglass, and the visitor is in the confined cabin. With the reciprocal of 3.2.1, the foot pedal is opened, and the platform is opened from the platform of more than 10 meters. The body is like a roller coaster. Vertical slide high-speed taxi, with a strong visual impact and ornamental, so that waiters are also frightened.


High speed Slide



Inner Width of Section0.8m

Maximal Speed


Sliding mode


Floor space


Water supply


Diameter of Tube





Flume: Fiberglass(FRP)

Fastener: Stainless steel

Steel support: Galvanized steel



Packing details

EPE foam & wooden frame, nude pack

HS code



Manufacture license of special equipment

Installation, alteration, repair & maintenance license of special equipment

       The main body of theslide is made of FRP material, handmade paste system, with very strongapplicability, hardness, safe and durable.

       Our slides are hightemperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, smooth,anti-ultraviolet, anti-fade.

       Have a strong visualimpact, well reception ability and appeal, continue to attract tourists toplay.

       We provide a variety ofcolor selection and combination.

 Thedesign, construction and operation of the water park slides are highlycommensurate with the park's investors, managers and tourists:

       The combination ofWaterslides & Leisure team have been provided a professional service to theWater park industry for many  years.Those experience ensures our products with a unique blend of creativity,innovation and commercial reality.

        Our slides are widelyappreciated and accepted by the clients located in resorts, beaches, hotels andwater parks.      

       Export countries:Russia, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, Chile, Philippines, Bangladesh.

1.      Securityis always in the first place. All of our product are competent nationalauthorities in the certification, layers of acceptance and sub-test.

2.      Thesensory stimulation is extraordinary,the pleasure experience is diverse andmust be tailored to the needs of various groups of people;

3.      Theamusement project is constantly innovative with the time into, we have acyclical project updates and upgrades.