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Lost In Space Slide

Lost In Space Slide is a brand new water amusement product developed by Guangzhou Yuzhiquan Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.


Product Description

Lost In Space Slide is a brand new water amusement product developed by Guangzhou Haozhiquan Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. The product makes full use of the curve characteristics of Archimedes spiral and Fermat line, combined with the Archimedes curve principle, applied to the water slide, and constrains two original non-interference sliding trajectories to a regular basin. Within the two, the two parallel winding trajectories are formed, which realizes the characteristics of spiral racing, increases the interest of sliding, and has novel design, strong ornamental and play experience. During the taxiing process, tourists first The two separate inlet sections enter two independent closed spiral trajectories in which the combined photoelectric effect can provide a strong visual impact to the visitor, after which the two independent approaches will slowly circulate and close together. In a regular basin, two juxtaposed spiral racing curves are formed. Visitors in the two lanes can watch each other and have a very interesting taste. In addition, in the basin, we can also combine the sound and photoelectric technology to close the basin to form an independent space, allowing visitors to experience the mysterious effect of the slide, lingering in it, and then separating again after the basin is hovered. The independent approach roads eventually entered the same sinking pool and completed an unforgettable trip.